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Katrina's Costumes 278 Nicklin Way Warana

Tuesday to Friday 8 AM - 5 PM, Saturday 9AM-12PM Midday

Hires- Please be in show room 45 Minutes before close of hours


Toy story - Buzz, woody, bow peep , Jessie, Captain Jack Sparrow, lion King, Grease the musical, Hulk Hogan wrestling suit, Peg Bundy, Elmo

Simpson's - Marge, Homer, Mr Burns

Beauty & The beast - Belle & Beast

Sponge Babe, Steve Irwin, Austin Powers, The Flash, a lot of Super hero movies were released (new versions)

Mrs & Mrs Scissor Hands

Mr & Mrs Beetle Juice (cartoon)

Marvin The martain

Ladies Transformer

Star Trek - 1 x ladies small dress

Sesame Street dresses - Oscar or Elmo dress. Cookie Monster and Elmo mascots. Pink power rangers

X - Men - Wolverine

Mario & Princess Peach

Ninja Turtle

Please note a lot of rock stars, movies, and cartoons have been around from 1970's & progressed  and moved into the 1990's, remade & re established.

The Village People - 80's & 90's

Kiss - Rock stars,

(through 80's - 90's)

The Karate Kid

Freddy Mercury white Jump Suit

Ladies Power Ranger Pink

, Ninja Turtle, Flintstones, Michael Jackson, Beetle Juice, Elmo and Oscar The Grouch dress, Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, Freddy V's Jason, ect.

Pulp fiction - I sell bob wigs & smoke holders