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 Ex-Hire costumes for sale. 

Hours- Tuesday to Friday 8AM - 4.45PM

Saturday 9AM - 11.45AM.

Please be in shop 45 minutes before close of hours, inside the new Crystal shop called Avelina Sole 1860.

Location 278 NicklinWay Warana.

Buy costumes for the price of a hire

Adults $45 or each or 3 for $100 on the day of your visit, the deal is not over days or weeks. 

Children's $25 each or 5 for $100

(excludes Plush/Mascots)

40% off all new costume accessories.

Available - 500 women's costumes, 500 children's costumes and about 70 men's costumes.

Available Mascots to buy - 

Lions x 2 = $100 each

Anna and Elsa $70 each

Mike the monster one eye $70

No Easter Bunnies or Santa Suits 

Sold all ladies white boots

Sold men's 1920's -1960's -1970's

Phone 0420656111

Click on the closing down tab for more Information 



Dear valued customers,

Closing down sale continues. 

2022- Updated 15Th July

All ex- hire costumes are for sale, same great location at 278 NicklinWay Warana. 

 Katrina will sell her Ex Hire costumes  inside her new crystal gift shop called Avelina Sole 1860. 

Trading hours - Tuesday to Friday 8AM to 4.45pm, Saturday 9AM to 11.45 am.


Adult costumes - $45 each or 3 for $100 on the day of your visit.

This deal is on the day of your visit, not over days or weeks. 3 costumes for $100.

Children's Costumes - $25 each  or 5 for $100 on the day of your visit.

Delux /plush and mascots are priced separate.

40% off retail costume accessories.

 (sold out of all wigs)

Please note this website may show images of costumes all ready sold.

What's left - 500 women's costumes, please allocate time so you can browse. 500 children's costumes. Around 70 men's costumes.

Only 5 mascot costumes left.

Thanks again for your support!

Sold out of- Ladies white boots, men's 20's, 60's, 70's, 80's, santa suits, bunny suits.